9th of September is a special day for Software testers, where they celebrate the International Tester’s Day.

In the Memorial Day which it was On September 9, 1947, when Grace Hopper founded a genuine little moth between the contacts of the electromechanical relay, Hopper removed the squashed bug and taped it to the project’s logbook with the notation: “first actual case of bug being found.” Hopper had carried out the first “debugging” and coined the term that would become synonymous with the identification and elimination of the frustrating glitches that cause computers to malfunction.

As part of that, EBS Celebrated the day 9th of September, 2021, with coordination of the Quality Assurance team in the company. The event program included many activities, started with an introduction to testing, and a presentation about IoT Testing, in addition of interactive games with participation of audience “tester’s related games” and prizes.

At the end of the event, a public session titled “Why Software Quality is important” had been held by Eng. Mohamed Elbagir Sr. QA Engineer, through Zoom online session.