Nyala Message … Street Theater and Markets’ Crowds:

Heavy Attendance to the theatrical awareness campaigns organized by the Public Administration of the issuance as part of its participation in the Central Bank of Sudan Pavilion in the Olympic Village as part of the participation in the school session. The theatrical performances was moved to the public squares and markets, where the students of the State of Khartoum gave a theatrical presentation on the civilization dealing with currency and simplify and explain how to deal with the means of electronic payment, and included some questions and discussions answered by colleagues from the Central Bank.

Electronic Payment Ambassadors – Workshop:

Within the ePayment Market in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, a workshop was organized to train volunteers from the e-Payment Ambassadors Association on activating e-wallet cards and how to use the points of sale and familiarize them with the services available in them. From the market, and put forward a number of proposals that would contribute to raising awareness among the public in the state, and from the reality of their practical experiences with the people of the state and the appropriate ways to offer such services to them.

Direct Payment to the Audience:

A very large movement, unprecedented for purchases from within the electronic payment market was monitored in the technical report at the end of the final day, as the transfer of card-to-card through electronic payment machines that were brought and distributed to shops and companies and a large turnout of merchants and Employers to own the electronic payment machines, we made the request from Khartoum, and this is an excellent indication that we are moving in the right way as it also refers to the high understanding and response of a large segment of the community with the induces of banking technology, and we say honestly that Nyala exceeded the expectations Which invites us to Continue with this case in the rest of Sudan.

Electronic Payment signs on Shops:

In order to announce the spread and activate the entry of electronic payment services in the state of South Darfur, the Commission for the preparation of the electronic payment market distributed and printed signs indicating the existence of electronic payment service in this site and installed in some shops and pharmacies, and we appreciate in this regard the great role Which was carried out by the Union of Banks in the state.